Africa’s Finest Artist ZeXzy Drops Another Top-Notch Track Called “Obsession”

Talented artist ZeXzy AKA ‘the God of Obsession’ has once again blew his audiences away with yet another resonating single called “Obsession,” a song that tells the truthful side of bleak relationships and the artist delivers those messages with his powerful vocals that expose his incredible aurora. 

It’s no surprise that ZeXzy’s work has seen so much recognition around the world and it’s all due to his talent, personality and uncanny presence on stage. A determination like no other, the artist proved his stubbornness when he decided to get his voice back after losing it when he was 15 years-old, and he managed to do so in incredible fashion. Today, he shows the same level of determination to be the very best of Africa and we all know that’s inevitably going to take place soon. 

His song “Obsession” has all the usual afro-beats, pop and hip-hop elements the God of Obsession is so known for, however, the artist also incorporates Asian sounds in his rhythms and the result is just the perfect listen for any music listener. Make sure to give “Obsession” a listen and follow ZeXzy’s impressive journey to the top. 

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