Yann Brassard Proves With “Rock Me Over” That He Will Never Disappoint In Delivering Great music To The Fans

After the unique song reflecting Yann Brassard’s vivid creativity and unique artistic skills, “Overnight” it was difficult to imagine Yann rising above the high standard that he set for himself. Nonetheless, he did it again by releasing another bop which will undoubtedly catch the attention of all music lovers and beyond. Under the sounds of a falsely light pop song, with smashing instrumentation, his new track “Rock Me Over” captivates and takes the listener on a journey full of uplifting moments and positive vibes.

“Rock Me Over” is brimming with the artist’s down-to-earth candidness. Without being frivolous or dumb, the single solidifies Yann as one of the coolest artists of Disco/Pop genres in 2020. “Rock Me Over” can easily be described as an achingly gorgeous dance-pop tune that captures both the beauty of nostalgia and the melancholic sense that we’re grasping for good times increasingly out of reach these days.