wasteurself Showcases A Mean Demonstration Of Sound With ‘Church’

Back once again with another smasher, wasteurself presents his brand new single called ‘Church.’ A mind-bending, sophisticated piece of raw sound design and elegant melodies swirling through your mind. From an elegant introduction of emotion and bubbly bliss to heavy-hitting chorus sections to knock listeners out of their seats, it’s a track that screams wasteurself. Each section flows together beautifully and continues to keep your attention at an all-time high.  His prominent signature style from those wonky percussive leads to his stage-shattering drums make this experience feel so lively beyond belief. The way his compositions are laid out is always a treat. Never knowing what you’ll hear next.

From recent releases on Partica Artist Group, Hybrid Trap, and even an EP on Wubaholics, the artist has been absolutely killing it. Blessing his listeners with constant energy power-ups through his unpredictable works of art. Leaving you in complete awe as each track takes you on a wild and memorable journey through the sonic spectrum. And ‘Church’ is another great example of why he’s one of the best to do it within the underground scene. We’re definitely excited to hear more. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘Church.’ One of his most addictive tracks to date!