TYLR and SNEK Deliver Deranged Trap Ballad in ‘PULL UP’

Occasionally it takes a few listen-throughs to fully appreciate what a track has to offer. However, every so often it can be instantly infectious. Discovering exactly this, the Raleigh native TYLR has teamed up with fellow North Carolina homie SNEK to give us ‘PULL UP’. It’s no secret that the underground is boasting some of the most ill basslines and creating a new narrative within the bass genres and these two are ready to prove this. TYLR holds just over 600 SoundCloud followers yet has already seen releases through the likes of Electric Hawk, Wavecraft Collective and more. What becomes evident upon listening through his catalog, aside from his cravings to curate wobbly low ends, is the way he is able to finesse between trap and wonk. Despite each track carrying its own concept, you can hear the cohesive progression that is becoming the established sound of TYLR. As an upcoming artist, this innovator has a bright future ahead and ‘PULL UP’ is his latest showcase on why he is next.

The North Carolina natives TYLR and SNEK have partnered up to produce a groovy trap ballad. In the beginning we are prepped with a James Bond-esque intro awaiting the mystery ahead. Leaving little to no time for speculation the Tar Heel team drops us into a land of bounce and bass. A simple vocal sample goes a long way in this project as it aids in inducing the head bobs and body sways. ‘PULL UP’ is listed under the tag “#WONK TRAP” on SoundCloud which honestly holds the best home for trying to fit this track to a genre. Check it out for yourself in full below with a free download here.