TroyBoi Brings Us New EP ‘For The Love Of Bounce’

TroyBoi has been having a stellar 2023. After kicking off the year by recruiting some of trap’s most legendary producers for the exceptional ‘Say Less’ EP and accompanying tour, he kept the heat rolling with stellar collaborations alongside Jon Casey and Armani White. Proving he’s not done yet, the producer has just unleashed a fresh five-track EP fittingly titled For The Love Of Bounce.

Offering something for every type of TroyBoi fan, the project is a diverse but cohesive sampler of his sonic mastery. ‘Cosmic’ sets the stage with a sun-soaked future beat bop that’s riddled with bounce and breezy swagger. The previously released Armani White collaboration ‘Shut Shit Down’ is up next and does as the name suggests. The track is a certified anthem that brings the best out of both artists. Sweeping listeners away with an exotic and sultry sound comes ‘Pyaar.’ It’s a perfect blend of TroyBoi’s love for world music and signature bounce intertwined in a fresh offering. ‘On The Field Like…’ is a sports-inspired banger that’s built around a catchy and unexpected vocal sample and proceeds to flip between gritty trap and shuffle-inducing bass house. Serving as the perfect finale, TroyBoi connects with scorching hot producer Hamdi and legendary emcee P Money for a ‘UK Ting.’ It’s an infectious anthem that is impeccably produced and led by P Money’s undeniable charisma and sharps delivery. Regardless of where you’re located, this will be your going-out anthem.

‘For The Love Of Bounce’ is an expectedly incredible offering from one of the most consistent producers in electronic music. Listen below.