St. Mary And GRAIL Call Upon Gods Of Mass Power With ‘RELIGION’

Soaring through the stars to heaven’s gate, St. Mary and GRAIL bestow an absolute gift to their listeners. Representing crisp teamwork in the form of a gorgeous and powerful piece. Making this experience everlasting from beginning to end. Comprised of angelic melodic structures and impactful drum work, ‘RELIGION’ highlights both artists’ styles to the highest degree. Making them a dangerous duo thanks to their skilled production techniques and executions.

What makes this track remarkable is the detail within. From a spacious environment of emotion, distorted vocal chops, and an eye-watering lead cutting through the spectrum with raw passion, this ride will take you through the eye of a massive storm. Making listeners feel as if they were flying themselves. The pacing is nothing but incredible and paints a priceless picture of endless memories in your mind. Lifting your spirits up and inspiring you to keep on going. This is by far an instant classic for both of their visions. Leaving off on a mysterious tone that makes you want more and more. So make sure to show your utmost support by streaming ‘RELIGION’ everywhere via broke. We’re excited to hear more and what comes next in their paths of success!