Speaker Honey is Back on mau5trap

Speaker Honey is back on mau5trap with a saucy and seductive two-track EP, Together All Night. 

This talented musician first debuted on mau5trap back in 2019 with her Night Visions EP. Speaker Honey’s unique aesthetic shines through her latest project, Together All Night, and is leaving fans wanting more. Inspired by the time spent in quarantine, the EP was a way for her to encapsulate her experience and emotions during what was a difficult time for most.
This EP is special for me. Not only are ‘All Night’ and ‘We Belong Together’ reflect very real emotions that surfaced for me during quarantine.  In a way, they reflect the vibe I was craving, and feeling while at home and waiting for our world to open back up. – Speaker Honey
First up is, ‘We Belong Together,’ a collaboration with VVIRTU. The track opens up with bubbly, big-room bass which creates a deep milieu for the angelic vocals. The lyrics are as hypnotic as the vocals and it’s easy to let the current of bass carry your thoughts away. As the track progresses, there are carefully, lovingly ornamented breaks where Speaker Honey teases out deeper tones and effervescent synths. It is not hard to imagine a dance floor of people, together finding the irresistible groove in this track and dancing the night away.
In the second track, ‘All Night, she concocts a pulsating, techno perfection. The flavors she paints with feel dreamy with the crunchy bass, plucky synths, and robotic vocals. It’s crisp and comforting, and goes down smooth. There’s seduction in each buildup and it feels like Speaker Honey’s flirting with your ears. A great track to both get hyped to go out to or to blast during and after, but if appreciated at a more technical level, it’s easy to see how adept she is at crafting sounds and uniting them artfully.
For those who have been anticipating Speaker Honey’s return, this EP was well worth the wait. Check it out below!