So Dope Comforts Empty Lost Souls With His ‘Alone In My Dreams’ EP

The power and versatile characteristics within So Dope‘s work are always breathtaking. Consisting of carefully placed elements while harnessing such organic power to the max. Elevating what makes his tracks memorable to a whole other level. Staying true to his roots while constantly evolving his craft and abilities. Making him a true favorite within the electronic scene. And his newest EP, Alone In My Dreams pays tribute to his past, present, and future. Creating an even greater amount of excitement for listeners as they embark on a gorgeous and powerful road of inspiration.

This piece of work is nothing but poetic in its own colorful fashion. From the beginning, you’re immediately immersed in the captivating melody and deep storytelling atmosphere. Throughout the journey, the expectations are met on a high scale with surprises along the way! From collaborations with Eyezic and Arya, to complete new original classics, this is an EP you’ll always want to have on no matter where you are. ‘I JUST FEEL’ contains major nostalgia. From the fun and everlasting vocal chops to some crisp angelic chords, it’s an explosion of passion and honor throughout. ‘Friends With Benefits’ is another favorite as it combines classic future bass techniques with a blissful spectrum of wavy melodies throughout. Easily making you feel wrapped in a warm blanket of positivity.

Each track fills your heart with rich feelings of peace and glory. Picking up your spirits while making you feel truly alive and free. A well-executed work of art with tonnes of surprises throughout. We’re excited to hear what’s next from him! So make sure to show your support by streaming Alone In My Dreams everywhere via Lowly.