San Holo to Release "Floating Fragments" Generative Digital Vinyl Collection on Soundmint

RTT favorite producer San Holo is joining forces with SoundMint, a leading digital music collectibles platform to create the “Floating Fragments” collection: a project containing one-of-a-kind music pieces produced entirely by San Holo, minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The fragments, or stems, can be mixed together algorithmically to create an exponential amount of original compositions. Paired with mesmerizing visual elements crafted by San Holo’s creative director Thorwald and the SoundMint team, “Floating Fragments” is a great example of the power of generative music and its ability to amplify originality. With this fascinating project dropping any day now, be sure to keep checking for more info on the official release. You can also read what San Holo himself has to say about ‘Floating Fragments’ below.

This collection challenged my creativity in a completely new way. My creative process normally has me laser-focused on a single song. With SoundMint, I worked on a big pool of individual and interchangeable loops that, when combined, create thousands of synergistic song possibilities. I put a lot of love into this collection, and I hope my supporters — and all music NFT supporters — find a combination that speaks to them deeply.” San Holo

San Holo to Release “Floating Fragments” Generative Digital Vinyl Collection on Soundmint