Rome in Silver’s Debut ‘ᖭ༏ᖫ’ Album Is The Artist At His Best

Followers of FUXWITHIT already know how much we love Rome in Silver. Our first feature of the California-based artist dates back to more than five years ago, and following the talented artist’s journey over the years has been nothing short of spectacular. From his early exploration in the realm of trap to blossoming into a unique creator that often blurs the lines of many genres, Rome in Silver embodies what we admire in an artist. Through a handful of EPs during his production journey, Rome in Silver has honed in on a sound that continuously sets him apart from masses.

Now, we enter the new chapter of Rome in Silver with the release of his debut album, ᖭ༏ᖫ (or Dragonfly). Spanning thirteen tracks and just over 46 minutes, the project contains everything one would expect from the artist, and so much more. The opening half of the project features more of the signature house/garage grooves that Rome in Silver has perfected over the years, with a sprinkle of pop-leaning riffs and and disco-like cuts that only elevate the uplifting spirit of the ensemble. ‘Inferno’ then comes along to change the mood, as Rome in Silver dives into to tech house head first, giving listeners a taste of his ability to make club-ready hits. Two more quintessential Rome in Silver tracks follow, before the artist further showcases his multi-genre approach with ‘Better.’ ‘Back 2 Basics’ showcases a brief return to his old style, before the project is closed out with the bouncy ‘Think About It’ and the ethereal ‘Apollo’s Lantern.’

Overall, Dragonfly is an expedition into the past, present and future sound of Rome in Silver. It’s an exciting experience from start to finish, leaving listeners wanting more but allowing them to get it with the simple touch of the repeat button. Don’t miss it below.