Real American Rap Is Back: Ike Released His New Track “Truncks”

Ladies and gentlemen, we have lived long enough to witness the rebirth of real American rap! Hurra! Hurrah! Hurrah! Ike, the new hope of American rap’s future, released a track and video for his latest project “Trunks.” No doubt, the rapper made it his duty to put hip-hop on its wheels and take rap to its roots. The artist, influenced by big names such as  Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Drake, Young Thug, Future, Kendrick Lamar, Jhene Aiko, SZA, Smino, EARTHGANG, and others, could not stay indifferent to what is happening now in the industry and what his favorite genre has to face now. 

“Trunks” indicates that Ike is a creator with his own signature and style, yet someone who stays true to his roots and true to the genre. He is the potential hero of the hood if you will. His powerful punchlines, mature lyricism filled with a poetic touch, fast-paced mood swings, and the blend of different vibes make an emotional rollercoaster out of the song. Ike shows his professionalism in every detail. Energy and drive pour out of every verse and every sound; the production is amazing; the music video corresponds to music and text quality. It transcends the message as straightforward as the track does, with the same strength and ambition.