Quiet Bison And wilo wilde Plant Endless Seeds To The Future With ‘Waiting For You’

Watering their garden of energy, Quiet Bison and wilo wilde have joined forces for a stunning new chapter. Their newest piece, ‘Waiting For You’ is a tear jerking hug of riches. A captivating and endless cycle of bright synths and dreamy vocals. Lifting you off your feet and making you fly high amongst the stars. It’s a piece we all need for a healthy mindset. A perfect way to start your day.

With an album coming in the future, fans all over have been eager with excitement to hear what Quiet Bison has been cooking up. His glitch filled wonderlands have touched the hearts of many. Gaining a solid and forward-thinking fan base with each track released. The range this artist contains is unmatched. From heavy 808s, colorful sound design and more, you’ll have a permanent smile across your face along with emotions running wild. Taking you by the hand and guiding you towards a positive future. His style is nothing but unique in the best ways.

As for wilo wilde, her life empowering vocals can turn any drab and dull environment into a gorgeous safe haven for all. Being a graduate from Icon Collective, she’s been working long and hard to push her own vision into the spotlight. And collaborating with artists such as juuku, YVNG JALAPEÑO and more, she’s drawing a bigger amount of attention and admiration for her art. She’s an intricate spirit holding the key for colorful success. Do not sleep on her outstanding abilities. Together, they’ve made one of the most feel-good tracks of 2021 so far.

‘Waiting For You’ can easily heal broken and damaged spirits. It’s the answer you needed for a reason to keep going. The dynamic duo truly went all out on this automatic anthem. The sheer combination of their techniques intertwine beautifully. Weaving into an endless blanket of happiness. Defending you from the worst energies out there. From a delicate and sweet introduction, to a bouncy and fun chorus section, you’ll have this one on repeat for many years to come. Quiet Bison’s forward-thinking atmosphere mixed with wilo wilde’s shining light match perfectly. Paying homage to their journeys as musicians as well as to their friendship. Showing their evolution with every second. We’re very excited to hear where these legends go next. So make sure to go support by streaming ‘Waiting For You’ everywhere!