PREMIERE: REAPER Proves His Prowess With His Remix Of ‘Miracle’

Let’s be honest, if you’re not familiar with REAPER by now, it time to learn. Coming with an unrelenting high-energy take on drum and bass while comping influences from hip-hop all the way to punk, you never know what to expect out of a REAPER record. One thing you are sure to hear is the seemingly limitless creative output from a true production and sound design wizard. Whether you know the name from his various releases on bass music flagship labels like Monstercat and Bassrush, his new radio show on insomniac radio, or his heater-packed guest mix for us, the time to get familiar with REAPER is now. This time the masked menace takes a swing at Nitepunk’s massive record ‘Miracle’, and the product is nothing short of show-stopping. 

We begin our journey through the chaotic realm of the REAPER with the introduction of the main vocals, which are given a spectral feel in this remix. Soon after we’re introduced to some of the thickest Reese basses you’ll ever right now, and not long after that those same basses grab this record by its horns while joined by a beautiful chaotic percussion arrangement that is sure to get you off your feet. After another quick build, we’re met with this massive half-time switch-up that really puts the full display of the track’s sound design with more space between the drums. I think it’s a safe bet to say that you’ll be hearing this one across the festival circuit as things swing back into action. Check out the whole record below!

The pacing and uniqueness of this remix compose a perfect image of my excitement for drum and bass in this upcoming festival season. Nitepunk’s original production motivated me to abandon many of my previous rules of production and arrangement. It’s a miracle to me that I managed to make all my favorite intense elements work together — from the churning metal guitars and drum breaks to the freeform Reese bass melodies. – REAPER