PREMIERE: Dabow Drops Off Ethereal Remix of Devyn Moon’s ‘Remedy’

A handful of names have become a main staple of the sounds we push at FUXWITHIT, and the Argentinian beat-slinger Dabow is on that shortlist. It seems like yesterday, but Dabow’s Guest Mix for us was four years ago, and the young legend has been at for almost a decade now and has compiled a catalog with a tremendous diversity of sound, while also maintaining a level of familiarity that keeps us all crawling back for more. So when we were given the opportunity to showcase a Dabow remix of one of our favorite up-and-coming singer-songwriters Devyn Moon, we had to do it. 

If you’re not familiar with Devyn Moon, change that. Over the past few years, the young songsmith has become known for her eclectic and well-refined melodies. Devyn Moon has struck a particular balance between pop and dance that has led to broad appeal, but her sound is primed and ready for the injection of a little bit of that Dabow magic. That’s just what we’re blessed with Dabow’s remix of ‘Remedy’. 

We begin with the familiar vocals of Devyn Moon, which is slowly joined by a classic arpeggiating lead from Dabow before being thrown into a four-on-the-floor drop led by a stary nostalgic lead synth. Soon after we’re led through a bridge with a pounding kick drum that slowly builds the tension before dropping back into a head-bopping halftime with brand-new micro-melodies peeping in and out of the mix. Saying this is a must-listen is a massive understatement, stream Dabow’s Remix of Devyn Moon’s ‘Remedy’ down below.