PREMIERE: borny Amazes With ‘reach’

A few months back I stumbled upon borny‘s SoundCloud and was completely amazed. His sound possesses a captivating yet knocking aesthetic that can be likened to artists like capshun, DILIP, thook and olswel. With just under 600 followers, the Norwegian producer is one of our greatest under-the-radar finds of 2020. One word song titles like ‘found’ and ‘quantum’ leave much to imagination, and to be honest, it’s best that way. The music speaks for itself in volumes, creating immersive sonic worlds for listeners to explore at their leisure. His latest auditory journey is entitled ‘reach’ and today we have the pleasure of premiering it.

I usually never name my tracks after anything specific – it is 9 out of 10 times random – but the title ‘reach’ is kind of a description on how I evolved in music this year, in the sense that I personally feel like I finally reached the state of being confident in my music. The ongoing pandemic gave me a lot of extra time to explore different sounds, styles and structures, but it also, in a way, gave me a sense of direction on how I think my style will continue to evolve. That is what 2021 will be all about, I think. – borny

Giving borny more time to create truly has been a blessing out of a difficult year as his talents level up for ‘reach.’ Each bar in the intro adds a layer of mystique and interest, slowly making you lean in closer. The first drop is pure bounce with gritty bass, rich plucks and an exotic air. Bent and looped rap vocals serve as bridge before borny smooths things out for a silky second drop. The back half presents a more minimalist sound without sacrificing any knock. Blurring the lines between trap, future beats and lush wordly sounds, borny amazes us once again with ‘reach.’