Loe Shimmy Drops Another Rousing Music Video For “Playboi Carti”

One of the hottest Hip Hop artists of the moment, Loe Shimmy, gives viewers a taste of the good life in his new music video for “Playboi Carti.” Shot by IWANTJUAN, the visuals follow the Florida native enjoying the riches and making the most of his fame and wealth.

Loe Shimmy’s “Playboi Carti” is a bit different from what fans are usually used to from the artist. The rap track focuses more on the young talent’s raspy voice, which stands out due to the slowed-down beats and laid-back rhythms.

The music video has a surprise appearance from Kodak Black. The American rapper has become one of Shimmy’s biggest supporters ever since their collaboration on “Bounty.” 

With memorable phrases like “I bought my Glock a 50 clip because you never know” and “Walk wit switchy in my brief I pop pills itch like I got fleas,” Loe succeeds yet again in writing lyrics that make the crowd go wild.

Playboi Carti” follows the release of “Wake Em up,” “Not the same,” and “On the Run.” Loe Shimmy, who also shared the 10-track record Z End in 2022, hopes to achieve more milestones in 2023, perhaps even collaborating with artists like 21 Savage, The Weekend, Soulja Slim, and more.

Watch the official video for “Playboi Carti” on YouTube: