LISTEN: Shallou Unleashes Mesmerizing New "The Long Way Home" 5-Track EP

Fresh on the heels of his highly-successful 2020 debut album, Magical Thinking, Shallou has returned better than ever with a brand new project. The Long Way Home is a stunning 5-track EP showcasing the Los Angeles-based artist’s signature production at its very best. As you’ll hear below, every track is expertly crafted and boasts some of the more gorgeous and lush melodic electronic music you’ll hear all year. Each track contains its own universe but the project as a whole ties together quite nicely and cohesively – stream the EP below via Spotify and read what Shallou himself has to say about the inspiration behind this project.

Shallou – The Long Way Home EP | Stream

The EP began as an ode to this town near San Francisco that I visited called Pacifica, where I felt true inner peace and was able to let the past few years of my career fully wash over me. The town reminds me of my childhood trips to southern Maine; the ocean laps against large rock formations and the town feels sleepy and calm. Fishermen dangle their rods into the ocean from a long historic-looking pier, hoping for a bite. The air is misty and crisp, something I don’t experience too often in LA, where I live in a bustling community. During COVID, I had some extremely difficult mental struggles – I was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety/depression consumed everything. In 2021, working on the new music represented a safe place I could escape to just like Pacifica, just like home.”


LISTEN: Shallou Unleashes Mesmerizing New “The Long Way Home” 5-Track EP