LISTEN: GRiZ And JAUZ Release Wonky Banger, "No Doubt"

Over the past few years, GRiZ and Jauz have been making enormous waves in the EDM space and have been able to cultivate their own defining style of dance music, so it was about time they teamed up for an epic release. Their brand new collaboration, “No Doubt“, has been released via Deadbeats and it could not be a more fitting single for the label. The track showcases GRiZ’s funky style while Jauz steps in with his heavy hitting “wubs” and bass lines. They even include an homage to a very popular Vine (if you know, you know). Jauz also had another surprise for everyone, including GRiZ, that if the track reaches 1,000,000 streams in 3 days they will form the supergroup, “JiZ”. Be sure to stream the track below and get it to that million!

LISTEN: GRiZ And JAUZ Release Wonky Banger, “No Doubt”