LISTEN: Gammer Unleashes Hard-Hitting & Uplifting 9-Track "Better Together" EP via Dim Mak

Gammer is back and better than ever with his latest project, an impressive and inspiring 9-track Better Together EP released via Dim Mak. As you’ll hear below, we’re treated to all of the hard-hitting signature production we’ve come to expect from the British artist. From his bass music production to more melodic cuts, everything on this project is fire and extremely well-produced. This EP also showcases a handful of amazing features from the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Riot Ten, and Fatman Scoop just to name a few. Stream the project below via Spotify and read what Gammer himself has to say about this new Dim Mak release as well.

Gammer – Better Together | Stream

“I have always felt like I produced my best music when I work with other talented musicians. Having someone else in the room inspires me. Their skill pushes me to be more inventive and to try new things. It’s how I’ve most evolved since the day I first started creating in tiny studios around England. I had recently felt that I’d hit a bit of a creative wall and wanted to evolve again, and had this realization. So I got in touch with a lot of my closest friends and fellow producers. This EP is the product of that. I am very proud of it and what we have all created together. I believe it represents growth and evolution in the Gammer project in some tracks, as well as occasionally getting me back in touch with the sounds that originally made me smile and want to make music. I hope that anyone who hears “Better Together” will feel some of the excitement that I felt while making it. Additionally, if I am being fully honest, I also love being a tad lazy, and it’s always easier only having to produce half a track” – Gammer

LISTEN: Gammer Unleashes Hard-Hitting & Uplifting 9-Track “Better Together” EP via Dim Mak