LASSE And GALAZY Drop Bounce Defined Single ‘WHY THE FUCK’

The boys are back to drop some major heat, in celebration of the birth of a new label called FORIAH RECORDS. Founder LASSE and heavy hitter GALAZY team up once again for another classic which will for sure blast you into a world of percussion and funk. Their new single ‘WHY THE FUCK’ will automatically spring you outta your chair and dance. Not giving you any time to recover due to the smooth flow of their styles. These bounce kings don’t play when creating high-energy pieces. From soft percussion leads, to big drum rhythms, there’s something for every trap lover to appreciate and adore.

‘WHY THE FUCK’ combines the pure beauty of drum selection, frequency manipulation, and overall arrangement. Whenever you hear a track from either of these two, they really have fun with their process. Which can be clearly heard throughout. From a ghastly introduction, teasing the main lead in the distance, to a monstrous chorus section which will blow anyone away, both artists gave it their all to honor the brand new label. What stands out in this piece is the gentle and addictive rhythm going on each second. Using each element to compliment the rest of the song. And every pocket of space is dealt with carefully to make sure it keeps it going. In an addictive and pleasant fashion. Most of all, it shows how good of a team these two make when creating true art for all to enjoy. So make sure to go support LASSE and GALAZY by streaming ‘WHY THE FUCK’ via FORIAH RECORDS. We’re excited to see and hear what they bring next!