Keys N Krates, Juicy J, Chip, & Marbl Create An ‘Original Classic’ Together

There has never been better news than this: Keys N Krates is about to drop a new album. And with their announcement, they teamed up with legends Juicy J, Chip, and Marbl for the title track ‘Original Classic.’ The trio has been deviating from trap for years, consistently dropping groovy beat tapes, albums, and flip packs. Needless to say, a tune like ‘Original Classic’ wasn’t unexpected, and certainly didn’t disappoint.

We love taking unlikely people, and putting them on unlikely beats while making the whole thing feel very organically like its own vibe. Jazzy voiced wavy chords, 808s, eerie strings, Afro-Brazillian rhythms; with Juicy J, Chip, and Marbl going crazy but sitting in a hypnotic pocket that feels driving and timeless.

Keys n krates

We can always count on Keys N Krates to bring something fresh into the scene, but also create something that’ll never go stale. If you explore their discography, each track is still replayable to this day. So the album title, Original Classic, is well-fitting. With tracks you can always count on putting you in a good mood, ‘Original Classic’ doesn’t differ. The track is the perfect end to the summer, topped off with smooth rhymes and a sexy, danceable beat.

And I know I said the best news was their new album that’ll be dropping in November, but they one-upped themselves with a North America tour! Check out if they’ll be at a city near you on their website, and until then, listen to Keys N Krates’ ‘Original Classic’ below!