Kazantzakis Flies Above The Clouds With ‘breathing.’

When it comes to flow and straight attitude within a song, Kazantzakis puts a whole new meaning on top. His suave and dreamy atmospheres will leave any listener in a trance. Now he’s back with a brand new single called, ‘breathing.’ Which is out now on dumb collective! Kazantzakis’s discography has taken him into many different directions in terms of feel and emotion. He’s even tapped into labels such as Gang Gang Records, Bonsai Collective and more to spread his fire aftershock.

‘breathing.’ is vastly airy in terms of frequency and tone. Its’ gentle, impactful drums and sound design carries you as high as the clouds. Soaring and going wherever the wind takes you. Starting out with an enticing and ominous introduction, he paints a picture of the soft and blissful above. Sharing all of its’ wonders through melody. Then all of a sudden, the artist hits us with a breath of fresh air. The subtle and filtered-out lead was a perfect and unique choice of approach. It sheds new light and keeps the track that much more interesting. Not to mention his classic and satisfying 808’s and drums to go along.

He then lets the audience take all of it in with a classical-style breakdown. We hear a drifting piano playing chords to build a brand new rhythm. Flying us right into the final chorus. Combining every source of energy from the beginning, he switches it up slightly and manages to keep the same relaxing aura surrounding the track as a whole. By far this is one of his best works yet. So make sure to keep an eye on this musician and stream ‘breathing.’ everywhere!