JGOTITT Makes His Debut Epic: The New Music Video “Dripp” Is Out

The Atlanta-based poet, lyricist, hip-hop master calling himself JGOTITT, made his debut unforgettable. He released the track and music video for his born-to-be hip-hop anthem “Dripp,” showing his utmost talent, urban spirit-filled poetic lyricism, and hard-working nature. The artist has all the qualities required to bring him success, but the fact that he is not going after the hype and fame, and stays true to his urban nature makes him even more exciting and intriguing. 

“Dripp” has everything it takes to become a favorite of those who appreciate real hip-hop and are hungry for it in the age of more new-school sounding, mumblish music. However, to understand JGOTITT’s full creative force and artistry, definitely check the music video of “Dripp” as well. 

You’ll find out the artist likes to enjoy smooth Whiskey and the presence of beautiful ladies apart from writing deep lyrics and mastering the perfect flow of the utmostly influential verses he crafts with passion.