Jauz Curates 10-Track Bite This! Compilation 'First Bites Vol. 2'

First Bites Vol. 2 is the newest compilation album from Jauz‘s highly sought after Bite This! imprint. Similar to Volume 1, it’s geared towards the heavier side of house music with impeccable sound design.

All ten tracks come with Jauz’s stamp of approval, so you know there is bound to be some surprises snuck in there. “Head Trip” by Whyel brings us a huge double-time section that punches you right in the gut (In a good way). The album is capped off with an emotional, cinematic tune by Synymata and BAER named “Hollow” which draws inspiration from the wave of melodic bass producers creating right now. Check out the full album below.

Bite This! – First Bites Vol. 2 | Stream


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Jauz Curates 10-Track Bite This! Compilation First Bites Vol. 2