Indie-Pop Artist Sensory Psyche Enchants With New EP The Perfect Day

Indie-pop artist Sensory Psyche recently released a beautiful collection of 5 songs under the form of an EP titled The Perfect Day. She has also released a wonderful animated music video for the main track of the EP, “The Perfect Day”. “Still Here,” “You’re My Music,” “Ocean Love,” and “Parts” are the other tracks on The Perfect Day, one of the most sophisticated and interesting indie-pop EP’s we’ve heard in a long while. The Bengali-American singer-songwriter is showing an incredible maturity for a debut EP, a body of work that ideally introduces her to all-genre music lovers. Sensory Psyche moved from Bangladesh to the US when she was 15 years old, and her music is a reflection of her experiences in Bangladesh, as well as the difficult transitional moments she had to go through upon moving to the United States and building a new life.