High Klassified & TroyBoi Take Listeners To The ‘Dojo’

Hailing from Quebec, Canada, High Klassified has been a Fool’s Gold favourite and artist for years. With a style that fuses hip hop influence, futuristic atmospheres, and a trap bounce, his music is hard not to enjoy. His latest offering ‘Dojo’ sees him connecting with TroyBoi for a breath-taking banger. A fluttering synth pattern meets worldly undertones to set the stage. The percussion on this one truly steals the show: pounding, punctuating and driving ‘Dojo’ forward. Layered chants create a near-spiritual experience that will uplift listeners to another plane of existence. It’s beastly and menacing but also stunning and picturesque. Complex without being complicated or overdone. Each element acts as a necessary brush stroke on the auditory canvas.

Stream High Klassified & TroyBoi’s ‘Dojo’ below and look out for his upcoming EP Law Of Automata: Valid dropping March 26th.