Guest Mix + Interview – Capshun x Haan808

When it comes to FUXWITHIT favourites, few rank higher than Capshun and Haan808. Both artists have been mainstays on our site for the better part of their careers and have been staples on our label. Capshun kicked off the launch of our label with the absolutely massive ‘Morph,’ while Haan808 holds the current title for most releases on FUXWITHIT Records with ‘Stay With Me,’ ‘Star Fire,’ and ‘Main Phase.’  There’s nothing we love more than seeing FUXWITHIT Fam linking up, so when the two connected for ‘Descent’ on bitbird we were enamored. To celebrate the single and the artists’ joint greatness, we’ve tapped the pair for a very rare joint guest mix + interview.

The double-sided feature sees the two going b2b in the interview and both artists dropping mixes stacked with IDs. With unreleased gems between the two plus a sprinkling of other heaters this mix is an absolutely can’t miss. As for the interview we have some fun with them, talking about everything from how they connected to how they would entertain each other in their respective regions, what music they’ve been feeling, and we even dropped in a fun little Do You FUXWITHIT to cap it off. This one’s special, check it out below.

First and foremost tell us about the mix you put together. What can we expect from each of you?

Capshun: I dropped a lot of new tunes and some gas that I have been making. Wanted to show y’all what I was getting ready to drop next.

Haan808: Some new music I have been making, some unreleased stuff from friends, and a bloody good time.

How did you first connect? What made you want to work together?

Capshun: It was online. I think we connected through Boombox. I was kind of tapping in after I caught his set there and a few months later I think we tapped in on Insta. We shared some music for a while before we started working on tunes together but eventually shared enough tunes with each other and finally got one to work on together.

Haan808: At first I believe we both performed on Boombox Cartell’s Cinco Mode live stream, during the world being in lockdown from Covid. That’s how I saw Capshun for the first time, and I loved his set, then a few months later we connected via Instagram just saying wassup and exchanging music together. We actually made a few tracks before this release we did with Bitbird

Can we expect more collaborations in the future?

Capshun: Oh absolutely. Once we get another track that we both love I’m sure we’ll get some more collabs out.

Haan808: Hella yeah!, I’m always down to collab with people I connect with. I don’t collab a lot just mainly because of how I write music, so when I do it’s with people I can connect with and appreciate their music.

You’re both known for producing across genres. What sound currently has your ear as a listener and as a producer?

Capshun: I’m kind of all over the place. I think right now I am listening to more new music than I have in a while. SoundCloud underground is going crazy. I’m definitely still focusing on trap and bass stuff right now. Also I have a random new love for techno.

Haan808: A lot of UK/London music for me. I been making a lot of UKG, house with some darker tones to it, and being from New Zealand the home of Drum and Bass course making DnB.

We’re almost halfway through 2023, what’s been your biggest highlight of 2023 so far?

Capshun: Biggest highlight has to be getting booked for Deadbeats in New York. That show is about to be insane. The lineup is extremely cracked and the venue is one of the dopest in New York. So I am about to turn up there for sure. Also being a part of Rossy’s tour this year is an easy second though. It was so dope that she was willing to let me support her and be on the lineup with her.

Haan808: Honestly for me, lifestyle choice for my health. Since I changed my diet, healthier choices, exercising more, I have been able to be more creative without it being a chore. My work outside of music working for ‘ASCOLOUR’ a wholesale clothing company, have been focusing on that also. Just a bunch of stuff….and more music obviously

What do you each have planned in terms of upcoming releases?

Capshun: So far I have a couple more releases lined up. One with Slow Roast (Craze’s label) and one with Good Society which is one that I am extremely excited for. After that I’ll be laser-focused in on finishing up another EP and self-releasing that this year starting in July.

Haan808: Nothing able to mention atm but definitely more releases on dope labels such Bitbird, Monta Records, etc.

Haan, if capshun was in New Zealand for one day. Where are you guys headed? What is a must-see?

Haan808: Firstly, it depends where we are. If we are in the south-island like in Queenstown it’s a whole nother world, just imagine the greenery and landscape of Lord Of The Rings but in real life. However, if we were in my hometown of Auckland, I’d take him to the sky tower, get some food from our seafood market if you’re down on seafood like that. Some dope beaches in New Zealand so probably the beach, a whole lotta tings we’d do. Depends on if Capshun is wanting a wholesome day… or something more night lifey if you get me lol…

capshun, Haan808 just landed in Texas and is in need of a proper Texas meal. Where are you headed to eat?

Capshun: Oh too easy. We are definitely hitting Ari Korean BBQ in Carrolton We are definitely dropping into downtown and hitting deep ellum. Vidorra is high on my list for a great Mexican style dinner. And probably gonna stop for lunch over at Legacy Food Hall in Plano where I live because there are so many options and it’s all gas. Some of my favorite tacos are there.

What’s the last track that made you stop what you were doing to just put all your focus into listening?

Haan808: The track capshun made with Jon Casey, ‘Fever Dream.’ That was nuts!

Capshun: ‘RTH’ by Twerl & Oddly Godly on Sable Valley is one of the ones that really messed me up. Also thanks Haan <3>

What’s one thing you’ve been dying to know about each other?

Capshun: What’s the one thing that if you were trapped in a studio with a lifetime supply of food that you could not go without?

Haan808: Any Persian/Iranian cuisine lol. Or… a deli sub

Haan808: Why are you such a G!!!? <3>

capshun: All I gotta say is shoutout Mama Cap. And thank you bro. Much love to you!!!

Let’s cap this off with a fun round of Do You FUXWITHIT? I’ll list a few topics and let us know if you FUXWITHIT or Don’t FUXWITHIT.

Meat Pies

capshun: I don’t even know what that is. Easily Don’t FUXWITHIT.



Capshun: I FUXWITHIT, although I don’t think I’ve ever fasted outside of having to go to the doctors. haha



Capshun: FUXWITHIT HEAVY. A good walk is so good it honestly makes my day feel a little more productive too when I hike in the morning.

Haan808: kinda FUXWITHIT… ish

Apple Vision

capshun: FUXWITHIT but also that price point…. Def not lol

Haan808: sure… FUXWITHIT


Capshun: Yall gonna have to put me on because I haven’t really FUX’DWITHIT lol

Haan808: FUXWITHIT coz psytrance

Capshun Mix Tracklist (0:00-20:33)
Capshun – ID
Capshun – ID
Capshun – ID
Capshun – ID
Capshun – ID
Capshun x Lizdek – ID
Capshun – ID
Capshun – ID
Capshun x Savyer – Paradise
Capshun x Jon Casey – Fever Dream
Tisoki – How about it (Capshun Remix)

Haan808 Mix Tracklist (20:34 -40:47)
Haan808 – ID
HODA & Eloquin – Kicks Ft. Dread MC
Haan808 – ID
Haan808 – ID
Haan808 – ID
Unknown T – Badooms (House Remix)
Montell2099 – Need You
Nosia – Incessant (IMANU REMIX)
Haan808 – Drone
Haan808 – Journey