‘ground level’ Allows thook To Paint A New Planet

Toronto’s very own rude boi thook stays true to his musical roots with the latest release ‘ground level’. thook has kept his hand firmly around the throat of the underground with releases such as ‘SIGNS‘, THE MIRROR FILES EP and ‘Pass The Chops‘ to give a few examples. In his recent tune thook crafts yet another unexplored world.

thook is known for painting a new planet and atmosphere with each song to help explain the story. In ‘ground level’ he imagines a place which gives off a similar emotion to his 3-part Menace Series project. The track reveals a sense of vulnerability while simultaneously boasting confidence. It carries a mutual bond between warmth and cold as the knocking percussion heats the melody. The first drop holds comfort and solitude riding gently into the bridge of the track. Are things moving forwards or back? Maybe even standing still. As we approach the soundscapes of the second drop, there is a silent reminder to observe our thoughts without letting them invade our mental barrier. Flutes flail over a polished mix and already impressive track structure giving ‘ground level’ even more life. My take away from this song is regardless of the distress we may face we can always escape into a utopia of our own with the power to create.

Even the most stable element we walk on Every Day can slide . Movement and tectonics… thats a big pocket to play with. – thook

Stream ‘ground level’ below and snatch a free download on SoundCloud.