Great Dane Reminds Us To Say ‘fuck donald trump’

Welcome to 2021, where we’re in the final weeks of Tr*mp in office. It’s been a very strange past four years with the orange man in office, and any day could have been our last. Despite the fact that this man rose to the highest position of power in the world, he has been publicly taunted, protested against, and heavily meme’d. Great Dane is back to remind us that even dark clouds have silver linings, and he remixed YG and Nipsey Hussle’s magnus opus, ‘FDT,’ to celebrate the fact that this sad man’s time is almost up (no matter how much he fights it).

Great Dane took the classic ‘FDT’ we know and love, and gave it an absolute bop treatment. With a bouncy beat, catchy plucks, and a mesmerizing flute, Great Dane reinvigorates our voices to proudly exclaim ‘fuck donald tr*mp’ all the way until he’s out of office.

Check out ‘fuck donald trump’ below