Glue70 Makes Spirits Dance In Harmony With His ‘Creationism’ EP

Prepare to have your day filled with joy and relaxation. Because with the help of Glue70‘s newest Creationism EP, you’ll experience a brand new type of atmosphere and space. Sweeping you off your feet through each step of the journey. Resulting in one of the most unique projects this year. If you haven’t heard of Glue70’s work, then we highly suggest checking out his list of classics. His smooth and passionate strokes of genius courses through his track’s veins. Creating an unforgettable experience for all. From lush melodic sound design, to his own enchanting vocal range, there’s nothing this artist can’t do in terms of pleasing his audience’s ears. His creations are as smooth as butter, and his vision glows even brighter. And now, he’s taken the next big step in his career with this special body of work.

The Creationism EP is a peaceful umbrella protecting you from fallen negative energy. A gust of gorgeous impression and density. With a healthy blend of House, Jazz and even R&B, it leaves the listener speechless through every play through. Honoring his day to day journey as an artist. Showing off his evolvement and forward thinking. The tracks flow together in a familiar and healthy fashion. Nothing feels off balanced or forced. Just a pure soul having the time of his life. Doing what he truly loves. From crispy drums, groovy arrangements and soul invigorating vocals, he really outdid himself on this work of art. And letting ZULA hop on the final track was a genius move to add more character and spice. Her gentle tones complimented the overall vibe perfectly. No matter where you are, you’ll be one with his sophisticated creativity whenever you turn on these gems. An experience you’ll take with you for a lifetime.

So make sure to go support Glue70 by streaming his Creationism EP everywhere!