FUXWITHIT House Selects Vol 1. featuring Bleu Clair, San Pacho, R-CHY & more

What better way to enter the summer season then jamming out to your favorite house tunes no matter what time of the day it is. Worried you are running out of tunes for your playlists and beach parties? Well, look no further as we have you covered with our very first edition of FUXWITHIT House Selects featuring none other than Bleu Clair, San Pacho, R-CHY, CJ, Jhayco, LEFTI, Bexxie, Elohim, CHKLZ and Esther Anaya

Bleu Clair – ‘Inner Circle’ EP

Bleu Clair’s latest EP, ‘Inner Circle,’ exemplifies the essence of his ‘NEWAGEOFHOUSE’ movement. This release captures the pioneering spirit that Bleu Clair has infused into the tech house genre, highlighting a sound that is both distinctive and  identifiable by his fan base. His meticulous attention to detail and cohesive thematic elements set his music apart, positioning him as a true legend driving the house music scene forward. The EP includes three fresh singles: ‘Bring The Hats On,’ ‘Hold On,’ and ‘Want Me Back,’ each offering a deeper, more insightful look into Bleu Clair’s sonic evolution in 2024.

San Pacho  – ‘No Guest List’ EP

San Pacho is a natural when it comes down to pumping up the party and his No Guest List EP only proves this further. The collection includes singles that have energized crowds at major festivals and this is the ideal time to bump these tunes as we enter the festival season.  The EP includes six singles, featuring new tracks ‘To Di Drum’ and ‘Cha Cha Cha,’ along with a VIP version of ‘Amor.’ This collection showcases San Pacho’s musical direction for the year and takes listeners on a journey through the new era of house music driven by the man himself.

R-CHY x BoweD  – ‘Do It’

You may have heard R-CHY’s releases being aired at Tomorrowland by Tiësto, Alan Walker, or Ilkay Sencan, but now he is about to rile up the dance floor this festival season. ‘Do It’ with Brazilian artist BoweD is a deep-house tune crafted perfectly for those summertime beach and pool parties. It will get you dancing right off the bat and R-CHY never disappoints when it comes down to showcasing his energetic, yet groovy sound design. As he shares “the track’s journey began with a collaboration with BoweD, a supremely talented Brazilian artist. He sent me around ten demos, but this particular one immediately caught my attention. I played around with the stems he sent, enhancing the sound design of the main lead, revamping the kick, and layering in new drum patterns. Additionally, I incorporated unique vocal edits that vary rhythmically throughout the track, rounding it out with a thorough mix and master.”

Proppa x CJ  – ‘Steppin’ Out’

If you do not know the Denver-based artist known as CJ, now is the time to keep him on your radar as this rising talent in the house scene has become known for his vibrant personality and dancefloor-ready singles across festivals. Recently playing Regenerate Festival on the main stage and now teaming up with his good friend Proppa for their new single ‘Steppin’ Out’ via Hood Politics, CJ really does it all. Combining elements of house, funk, and hip-hop, ‘Steppin’ Out’ has an appeal like no other. With tight drum beats, a rumbling bass groove, and nods to old-school inspiration, this track promises a summer groove ready to be blasted on the speakers. It’s perfect for kickstarting any party and resonates with both seasoned house fans and newcomers alike.

Jhayco – ‘Holanda’ (Lil Tato Edit)

Jhayco has been a leading force in reggaeton, collaborating with industry heavyweights like Skrillex, Cardi B, and Bad Bunny. His journey from early beginnings in Puerto Rico to international success includes chart-topping hits and critical acclaim, notably with his sophomore album, Timelezz, reaching number two on the Top Latin Albums chart and most of us are familiar with his single ‘Holanda’ that Mexico’s Lil Tato racks over to the house music world for a top-notch latin house remix. Lil Tato is becoming essential for his ability to craft Latin music with minimalism yet potency that attracts pure house heads and reggaeton weekend warriors uniting the dancefloors worldwide.

LEFTI – ‘I’m On FIre’

LEFTI, the brainchild of producer Alex Suarez, releases ‘I’m On Fire,’ a single that deeply embodies the essence of warehouse-party culture while introducing a hybrid sound concept. The track channels the intensity of a peak-hour warehouse rave, merging analog acid elements with a strong tech house base. LEFTI’s bold technique and high-energy soundscapes involve slicing up an acapella to form new phrases, then enlisting a vocalist to re-record these segments, creating an energetic and compelling vocal line. A solid tune for the masses, this one is about the be played on repeat.

Bexxie – ‘Gotta Be Real’

Bexxie has been marinating her classic 90’s rave vibes into her music for years, cooking a sound that sounds as good as home cook meals smell. Recently, Bexxie has revealed ‘Gotta Be Real’ on Insomniac’s IN/ ROTATION and it is truly impeccable.  The disco vocals speak to you like your best friend making perfect sense and tied with the big room energy, Bexxie makes this house record essential to experience.

Elohim – ‘Didn’t Sign Up For This

The multi-dimensional artist known as Elohim as shown the sky is the limit when it comes down to her production style. Elohim’s latest single, ‘Didn’t Sign Up For This’ is the third release from her ongoing album cycle. This track boldly fuses indie vibes with UK garage, incorporating the raw strum of acoustic guitar. It stands out with its distinctive, dark allure while aligning with Elohim’s unique musical identity. A perfect match for those not afraid to take a deep dive into the realms of electronic music.

CHKLZ – ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’

As CHKLZ stampedes toward an unprecedented momentum of shows in 2024, the duo invites fans and newcomers alike to join in on the ‘Pawesomeness’ that defines their journey. At the heart of CHKLZ lies an upbeat, fun-loving nature, not only as individuals but as artists, a quality that ripples through their music and electrifies their live shows. Their latest single, ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane,’ perfectly captures this spirit. As you delve into the story of CHKLZ, prepare to be swept into a world where grooves, joy, and a profound sense of community merge to create something truly special.

Esther Anaya – ‘Higher Self’

Colombian artist Esther Anaya has shared her latest, ‘Higher Self,’ which is more than just a club anthem. It is a powerful journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Through a perfect blend of deep house, future-rave, and tech house, Esther channels her own challenges into a track that resonates with fans from all walks of life. The track is crafted with meticulous melodies and a message that speaks to the human experience of overcoming self-doubt and confusion. It’s about rising from the ashes and becoming the person you’re truly meant to be, confident in your choices and direction.