Flume Announces Possible Release of "Core" What So Not Edit

Long time Flume fans remember the days of pulling up to a Flume show and hearing him drop core amidst his extensive touring for the ever popular Skin album.

It had a quirky little edit – but still respected the sheer massiveness of the original song.

Along with his recent Discord AMA, Flume took to Reddit for another ‘digital press tour’ to take questions from fans and a user by the name JonathanRaue asked a question that a lot of us may have forgotten to ask about regarding a certain RL Grime heater we all know by the name of “Core” edit that Flume was playing out in 2016.

According to Harley he said he will “Dig it up,” and that, “it was a WSN edit.”

So not only is the edit (hopefully) on its way – it is now confirmed that Flume and Emoh produced it together in their days of What So Not.


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Flume Announces Release of Long-Awaited “Core” Edit