Enter A State Of Euphoria As Spoken Bird Unveils ‘Worlds Collide’

Born and raised in Berkeley, California, Alex Gonzalez, known by his stage name Spoken Bird, embarked on his musical odyssey during his college years. Starting out as an electronic music DJ, he found himself drawn to the sounds of dubstep and glitch-hop that were prevalent in the scene. After spending two years honing his craft behind the decks, Alex’s passion for music led him to delve into music production and he has continued to shine bright in the music industry by releasing several mesmerizing tunes such as ‘Tell Me.’ Aiming to redefine the wave music genre, Spoken Bird is back with his latest ‘Worlds Collide’ and it is truly impressive to the ears.

The track effortlessly merges hip-hop and R&B influences with the distinctive wave elements that define his sound. As streamlined vocals and mesmerizing soundscapes take full control, intricate drum breaks and a hint of psychedelia become apparent. A timeless journey indeed, Spoken Bird once again proves he can approach the genre with a profound and spiritual perspective. Right in time for those long summer nights, this one is about to be played on repeat.