David Gotham Shares Enthralling Debut Single, ‘Enter, The Holy Divine (Part I)’

When one door closes, another opens.”

That saying may be a cliché, but it is the reality for David Gotham, who formerly produced as part of the esteemed duo Ekcle. As the pair of artists announced the end of the project last week, both were quick to introduce their respective solo aliases, with David Gotham being the first of the two to release his debut single. Looking to catapult himself into his new persona, the London-based artist has now shared ‘Enter, The Holy Divine (Part I)’ – a whopping seven-minute journey that encapsulates the newfound essence of David Gotham.

The inspirations behind the piece are countless, with Gotham drawing influence from bands like Nightwish and Enter Shikari, to composers like Hans Zimmer amd Klaus Badelt, and from producers such as Carbon Based Lifeforms and Bicep. From an ambient introduction that plays on orchestral elements, to a rock inspired break that is peppered with electronic touches, the first two minutes are a true whirlwind of emotions, and that’s only the beginning. The rest of ‘Enter, The Holy Divine (Part I)’ is equally riveting in its own right, as David Gotham uses various instruments, voices, and textures to deliver emotional highs, introspective lows, and everything in between.

Speaking on his excitement behind the release, Gotham says “I’m very excited and emotional to release the track as it’s the first individual piece of music I’ve written entirely myself in a large number of years, and it’s very dark – exactly the kind of writing I enjoy!” Under the assumption that there is more where that came from, we’re excited for what the future holds for David Gotham. Don’t miss ‘Enter, The Holy Divine (Part I)’ below.