Bootleg Business Vol. 8 (Curated by Gaszia)

Gaszia is a man of many definitions. They call him a visionary, a wizard or, more simply, a legend. I like to picture him as a musical alchemist. Over the years I’ve seen him putting his spin on dozens of different sounds, all mastered with impeccable technical skills and forward-thinking creativity. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks his story would deserve a whole article, or even a full-length book.

If this scenario were to happen, what is certain is that a chapter would be dedicated to his bootlegs and, especially, his own Bandcamp Edit series. Launched in 2020, this “collection of edits made over the years” as he usually belittles it, is a goldmine of deep cuts of the rarest kind. With 36 edits spanning over five volumes, it features reworks of hits from the likes of Deadmau5, laxcity, Lil Uzi Vert, Ivy Lab, Jeff Mills, G Jones x Eprom, Pinkpantheress, Skrillex, T-Pain, Sinjin Hawke, Cesco and, of course, Hudson Mohawke and Nikki Nair’s ‘Set The Roof.’ That’s not all, of course. His bootleg-master status is solidified also by the priceless selection of phenomenal tracks we can find in his SoundCloud likes, on his live sets’ tracklists and on his Patreon.

At this point, I believe it’s pretty clear why I wanted him to join the panel of Bootleg Business curators. Right below you can dig into a first-class selection of bootlegs he selected exclusively for FUXWITHIT, while you can enjoy the latest Gaszia’s originals here.

frog chaser – I’m losing the eskimo pulse!!!

A recent discovery within the last year is frog chaser. Everything they do is pretty bonkers. Their most recent “magnum opus” edit consists of an incredible club reconstruction of the famous ‘pulse x’ bass.

TOKISCHA & YOMEL EL MELOSO – Calentura Vaginal (Wost Hard Drum Edit)

This one has been a staple in my sets lately and it goes off every time. Don’t sleep on Wost. Everything he does is phenomenal.


Citytronix is probably one of the most diverse artists I’ve come across recently. I had the pleasure of meeting them and seeing them perform an unbelievable set in London last year. This ‘wind it up’ refix wastes no time getting to the point and is just a crazy live tool to play out.

Scratcha DVA & Sinjin Hawke – JME Dafuq

I could gush about Sinjin Hawke loads but this reinterpretation of his track with Scratcha DVA is phenomenal. What he did to the JME acapella is also just so creative. Every Sinjin Hawke track/edit is always a weapon.


I always play a DJ G2G edit in my sets, but this one in particular is just a dancefloor weapon. Incredible front-to-back.


A great closer (or opener) for a set, this mashup is a great pairing of two songs from opposite ends of the musical spectrum. Really well executed.