blush Discovers A Cove Of Forgotten Memories with ‘The Former’

Whisking a paintbrush of sound and melody, blush returns with an exciting new story for all. A tale to make you shiver with joy while giving goosebumps to your arms from a colorful soft atmosphere. A gorgeous piece all around. He calls it, ‘The Former.’ Taken straight from his own emotions and thoughts, blush truly went all out for this one. Emanating pure warmth and liveliness from beginning to end. The surprises are endless as listeners embark on this peaceful ride of new beginnings. Making this his second release with the KUMO Collective family. You won’t want to miss out on this one!

What makes a blush track so special is his molding of the environment, sound design, and of course the arrangement as a whole. And that’s exactly what he shows throughout this single. From an angelic introduction of crisp drums, and bubbly vocal chops, to an explosion of raw organic energy within the chorus sections, there’s so much to love and admire. The saturated bassline and heavy raw leads take you back in time while giving you a glimpse of the future. Giving listeners a crazy sense of nostalgia and comfort throughout. Never wanting those feelings to end. Giving the track a total boost of character. A genius concept with an even greater execution. This is by far an instant classic for blush and will last many days to come. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘The Former’ everywhere via KUMO Collective!