ANIMÁL Drop Pluko-Produced Debut Single 'Let Me Down'

Brooklyn alternative-electronic outfit ANIMÁL are here to take your breath away. The upstart project of Jack Murphy and Brady Perrigo sees a stunning beginning with a dynamic “Let Me Down.” A compelling blend of sonic instrumentation and electronic backsounds, “Let Me Down” shines as the crossroads of two beautiful styles.

“Let Me Down” precedes ANIMÁL’s debut album, Flight, set to release Summer 2020. About the album, the duo says the following:

“This album was our way of introducing ANIMÁL to the world by telling a 12-track story front to back. We wanted to give electronic and alt-rock listeners the best of both worlds — something you can dance to and rock out to at the same time. Hopefully this scratches that itch for a lot of people.”

Stream “Let Me Down” below, and stay tuned for more from ANIMÁL.

ANIMÁL Drop Alternative-Electronic Debut Single “Let Me Down”