Seven Sets We Can’t Wait to See at Coachella 2023

Coachella 2023 is right around the corner (Yes, it is April 8th. Don’t panic like I did when I looked at the calendar). And as Coachella creeps closer we naturally start to take a closer look at the lineup and pick out some of the acts we need to see. Our round-up isn’t going to include names like Calvin Harris or Frank Ocean – not because we’re not excited to see those legendary acts – but more to bring attention to some names you may not be as privy to that we can’t wait to see. Whatever your plans are this Coachella, stay hydrated, catch a vibe, and let’s dance.

Headed to The Do Lab? We got you covered.

Whyte Fang

Although you may not recognize the name ‘Whyte Fang‘ that doesn’t mean they aren’t a Coachella Veteran. Otherwise known as Alison Wonderland, Whyte Fang is set to perform at Coachella Weekend 1 the day her debut Whyte Fang album releases. How does a Whyte Fang set different from an Alison Wonderland set you may ask? In a couple of twitter replies she promises to get, “Weird and Experimental” with Whyte Fang while also promising that you won’t hear any Alison Wonderland music in a Whyte Fang set. I love when artists create a new outlet for themselves to be able to show off a different side of themselves without the constraints of a ‘brand.’ Let’s see what the Whyte Fang era brings.

Nora En Pure

Nora En Pure sets at festivals have become must-sees for myself. The acclaimed producer known for creating gorgeous soundscapes through extended sets is usually forced to play a somewhat shorter set for festivals as most electronic acts do, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get treated to a journey. These shorter festival sets are jam-packed with the kind of melodic goodness that has catapulted Nora En Pure and her Purified brand to huge levels. Creating a musical journey in a truncated set isn’t easy, but it’s a challenge that Nora En Pure will always take on

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Kenny Beats

Whenever someone asks me about crowd control in a live set, my mind ALWAYS goes to one specific set and so far it is completely unmatched in its power. Kenny Beats (Formerly 1/2 of LOUDPVCK), has not had any trouble as a solo act and producer. He holds producer credits for acts such as Vince Staples, Freddie Gibbs, Remi Wolf, and Roddy Ricch just to name a few. His debut album, Louie, was unveiled in August and showed off an almost entirely instrumental record. But if that doesn’t make you want to add Kenny to your schedule just watch his Primavera Sound Boiler Room set. Watch that crowd control and try not to get hyped. I dare you.

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Monolink is much more than a DJ in an electronic world. His unique act combines gorgeous production with a beautiful live element which includes live singing and organic instrumentation. A graduate of the Berlin electronica scene, Monolink uses his experience across a few different avenues of music to create an incredible blend of intentional, melodic music perfectly crafted to not only make you dance, but say “Holy hell this is pretty.”

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LP Giobbi

Dance music isn’t created in a vacuum and when producers come from a different world it has a chance to create magic. LP Giobbi is a classicly trained Jazz Pianist turned house music queen  Her prowess of the piano is prevalent through her catalog of soulful piano house music. and if you get a chance to catch her set, keep an eye on stage because there’s a chance she’s having more fun than anyone in the crowd. I’m stamping this set with the official “Booty Shaking Certified Set (Patent Pending)” stamp.

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You may just have been introduced to the name “Romy” but she is a Coachella veteran in her own sense as she makes up one-third of the critically acclaimed XX. Romy’s solo catalog is still pretty small, but her experience as a performer and the singles she does have out right now is more than enough for me to make it to her set. If I had a cassette tape of “Strong” I’m sure I would have burned it out by now. It was released in 2023 but it carries a special sense of euphoria that only comes from some super old school trance hits.

Jai Wolf

Every time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a Jai Wolf set in person, I walk away with such a freaking smile on my face. And it’s a smile that I think everyone should experience. His productions have a different kind of emotional storytelling and is the definition of wearing your heart on your sleeve. While pressing play on his Spotify may be a great introduction, it’s hard to imagine The Jai Wolf story without hearing it in his own words. His live set. Come to dance, but don’t be scared to sit back and take it all in for a minute.

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Seven Sets We Can’t Wait to See at Coachella 2023