INTERVIEW: Rising Producer DEARI Talks Artistic Vision, New Releases, Future Plans + More

DEARI has landed on the electronic music scene with a powerful determination, appearing with a distinct signature sound to offer listeners compelling sonic experiences through his music; as he delivers vocal-driven house tracks, drawing from his wide range of influences, DEARI continues to build his production catalogue, presenting an original creativity throughout his work. Now, the artist joins us to talk through his experiences so far, discussing the goals he wishes to achieve and the direction he sees his sound and style evolving. Although still early on in his musical journey, DEARI is no doubt on a promising path, so we’re thrilled to be sitting down with him today for this exclusive interview.


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Hi DEARI! How are you doing?

Doing great, thank you! Had a great reception to my first few releases so I am looking to build on from here.

Reflecting on your musical journey, how would you say your experiences have shaped the music you’re starting to create?

As of today, it’s still 6 months into my first year as DEARI and I am still bright-eyed to the whole industry. I am trying to learn as much as possible, trying to get better in my productions and grow as an artist. The rise of certain genres or artists will always change the music you make but one thing I will always have in a DEARI production is a strong vocal and a piano as they are the sounds I love the most!

Could you share with us, what are you most proud of with your most recent releases?

The thing I am most proud of is being able to release consistently and have labels interested in my music as it shows my music is good enough and has given me real confidence in myself to push it.

In my first 6 months, I have had 4 singles out that have hit over 100k streams combined on Spotify alone. This is what I am most proud of so far and I will continue to be consistent on my releases with more singles planned for the rest of the year. The best way to grow as an artist and the best way to get discovered is to keep putting out solid music consistently. It should then be only a matter of time until something starts to happen.

With the landscape of Electronic Music constantly evolving, are there new elements or genres that you’d like to experiment with in your current and upcoming projects?

I’m constantly trying to listen to new genres and incorporate what I like into my music. One genre I love is Stutter House. I don’t think I would want to be an artist who makes Stutter House full-time, but I would like to incorporate some of that style or release a full Stutter House track in the future. That style reminds me of Flume in the sense that it’s very unique and is able to convey emotion that connects with me a lot.

Are there any Artists, Vocalists, or Producers you’re currently working with or hope to collaborate with in the future?

I have a collaboration coming up with Alessia Labate & Backhouse on Perfect Havoc in July which has a lot of promise. The vocals are very catchy, and the instrumental is great so I am sure it will do well for us 3. Backhouse is a great Producer that I have started doing a few tracks with and Alessia has amazing vocals working with some of the best in the game. This is one I am very excited about sharing with the world!

My dream vocal collabs would be London Grammar or Aurora, whenever I have heard their vocals in a club I am absolutely blown away! My dream Producer collab would be Calvin Harris, he is the best House music producer in the world for me and I love pretty much all of his music.

You’ve mentioned previously, on working towards building your brand, what is your vision behind that and what does it look like?

I absolutely love visual artists like Travis Scott, The Weeknd & Zhu. I would love to be able to present myself in a more artistic light. I am still working on this at the moment but with it being my first year of putting out music I am focusing on building my audience and promoting the songs the best I can. Once I have a bigger audience and feel the time is right, I will start to present more artistically. Until then, I am trying to grow everywhere and at the moment I am really enjoying learning the marketing side of the music business.

Every artist has a song or project that holds a special place in their heart, what’s yours, and why does it mean so much to you?

It’s hard to say one as there are so many tunes that have special memories for me!

The biggest project would be Selected and their YouTube channel. Me and my friends were listening to Selected channel in the first few months it started, and it’s probably had the biggest impact on my music taste.

Songs like ‘No Know Better’ by Major Lazor, ‘Slide’ by Calvin Harris and ‘On My Mind’ by Disciples are songs that always bring a smile to my face and are some of my favorites. They all came out the same summer and always take me back to a sunny summer of friends and partying. Just takes me back to a very happy time of my life.

Kygo’s ‘Firestone’ is another track that transports me somewhere. The first time I connected with it was in Amnesia in Ibiza watching Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. I didn’t actually like the track until this moment. One of the many times I got goosebumps at an event and every time I hear that song it takes me back to Amnesia. I can still see the stage with the clown mask, and I can see where I was standing left of the stage near the toilets and that must be around 10 years ago now!

Happens all the time. Literally today, the latest track that’s given me that goosebump feeling is ‘VHS’ by Swimming Paul on the 2nd break. Just a very happy tune that makes your dopamine spike. I hope I can have this effect with my music on other people as it is magical and one of the best experiences in the world!

Can you give us a sneak peek into any of the upcoming releases your followers can look forward to?

My next release is coming up on the 24th of May on Chapter Eight, it’s a bass-driven banger! Something that I think has great potential and a very emotive vocal. This I feel is one of the best tracks I have ever made so I am excited to see the reception. I then have a few more planned until the end of the year – I’m hoping to end my first year of releasing music very strongly.

Looking ahead, are there any major projects or milestones you’re aiming to accomplish in the next year with your music career?

My big goals are around putting out quality music, promoting them well and increasing my numbers. From that, I want to start playing my first shows and then hopefully it snowballs forward from there. My first six months have been extremely positive, and I am excited for the rest of the year!

Thank you for interviewing me. I have enjoyed this!

We wrap up our interview with DEARI by thanking him for his time and look forward to seeing where his journey will lead him next; no doubt on an exciting path, we’re sure that listeners around the globe will continue to be drawn in by his sound, cementing DEARI as a rising talent to follow closely. So, be sure to keep up-to-date with the talented Producer by following him across social media today.

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INTERVIEW: Rising Producer DEARI Talks Artistic Vision, New Releases, Future Plans + More