7 Can’t Miss Sets at Electric Forest 2023

Photo Courtesy of Electric Forest

The time for Electric Forest is almost here. If you’ve been, you know why so many people call it home. If you haven’t, let this be your sign to put it on your radar. The magic is hard to put into words and until you feel the magic yourself it’s almost a disservice to try and describe it.

Thousands of festival goers descend into the heart of Rothbury, Michigan every year. Some to take in the magic of the forest, some to heal from something, some to just go see the music that is offered. There is no wrong way to do forest. Just give The Forest a chance to show you the way at least once. But there is a huge focus on music, and we picked out some of our favorite artists coming to Forest. Hope to dance with you.

Photo courtesy of Electric Forest


Elohim’s hybrid live/DJ set is the perfect crossover of beauty and chaos to bring to the forest. The new DJ aspect that she has brought into her sets recently gives her a chance to explore some harder edits that her live set seemed to stray away from. But that doesn’t mean we won’t get to hear her gorgeous voice. Elohim is such a great fit for Electric Forest.

Dr. Fresch

I always make it a point to make sure to get to the sets of artists that I know love Electric Forest. Forest veterans that always seem to give the crowd as much energy as the energy gives them. Dr. Fresch is the epitome of an artist like that. The man loves house music and his take on G-house might leave you the sweatiest you’ll be all weekend. In the best way possible.

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ISOxo is the freshest addition to the trap music world in a long time, and this year’s festival circuit may be the last time you get a chance to see him before his music makes it to the masses. There’s a certain beauty in catching a chance to see artists before everyone else gets a chance to catch him. Fresh off his debut headline tour, and a Coachella debut, his sets can be described as controlled chaos as his energy while performing may be second to none to anyone at the festival.

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Austin Millz

If you are looking for a FUN DJ set then Austin Millz has to be on your list. This new york based producer and DJ was crafted by soulful sounds and inspired by the vinyl he collected. He respects the beats he was brought up by, while knowing the bangers that everyone loves like the back of his hand. His production skills are honed, but the man knows how to throw a party.

Daily Bread

Electric Forest is known for blending the organic with the electronic – so an artist like Daily Bread is a perfect fit for the forest. His take on electro-soul combines expertly mined hip-hop samples with expert electronic production to create something new and fresh. ATL is officially in the house.

San Holo

If you’re going to forest hunting for a feeling of euphoria, please hunt for San Holo’s set. A San Holo set is vibrant, it’s existential, it’s happy, but it has substance. San Holo puts all of himself into everything he crafts to the point where you can feel what he’s feeling during his performances. Be ready to dance, but don’t be scared to feel.

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Ford.’s The Color of Nothing album is still in heavy rotation when I want to listen to a gorgeous album and for good reason. Almost 3 years since the release of that album he is set to release his next album in July. What better place to preview some of his upcoming album than the gorgeous backdrop of Electric Forest. Ford. is set to perform at The Foreign Family curated stage taking over Forest’s observatory stage.


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[All photos Courtesy of Electric Forest]

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