Skrillex & Noisia's Thys Tease Potential New Side Project

It’s already pretty well-known that Skrillex and Thys have quite the musical chemistry; they’ve both been spotted in the studio together multiple times, not to mention their highly-acclaimed b2b performances. Now, it seems like the two are cooking up something even larger: a potential duo. Thys recently took to Instagram to explain the meaning of “ILY” to a fan, explaining that “it’s a question that binds [Skrillex] and I together” and also adding that the two will “see whatever comes from it.” While it’s safe to say nothing is set in stone yet, the fact the Skrillex and Thys have something in the works is exciting, to say the least. Check out the tweets below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Skrillex & Noisia’s Thys Tease Potential New Side Project