sebjin Unleashes A Presence Too Powerful To Contain With ’83-7′

The range within sebjin‘s style is truly unmatched. Conjuring vast emotions across the spectrum while delivering some of the most unique music to date. The possibilities are endless and you’re always excited to hear what’s next from him. With his new single, ’83-7,’ he’s practicing mystical dark arts and releasing a beast too powerful to tame. He’s managed to yet again take control of our attention spans with his fierce and swift production skills. Intense atmosphere, poetic sound design, and crisp thought process all around, this is easily one of his most creative pieces to date.

83-7 is an ode to perseverance and acceptance of every experience that makes up our journey.

This track is the second frame of mind of my personal journey through the realignment with my true self.

Each attempt increased my determination and my thirst to reach something even more unique.

Determination leads to singularity.
Singularity leads to fulfillment. – sebjin

The beginning of this track already speaks to you in a haunting and insidious fashion with mind-bending sound design working together with a hypnotic drum beat. Setting the stage for what’s about to be, an experience of a lifetime. Before you know it, he ignites a powerful flame within the chorus as it courses through your veins with haste. And when that extended bass lead comes through, it sends shivers down your spine. Carrying the listener throughout this journey of discovery. Make sure to try and pay attention to each detail because it makes the track’s vision elevate to another level. Shifting from one fill to another, it’s a pure work of art and poetry. So make sure to show your support by streaming ’83-7!’ We’re stoked to hear more.