Coka Cobra & Walschlager Shift Into High Gear On ‘Lambo’

Coka Cobra & Walschlager are certainly no strangers. The friends and collaborators have unveiled stellar joint efforts in the past such as ‘Turn It Up,’ and ‘Drop This.’ Continuing the streak comes the heart-racing ‘Lambo.’ Drawing inspiration from its namesake, the track is built around powerful car samples. From it first starting up to shifting into high gear, the pair build around the thrill of racing at top speed in a stunning supercar. Rattling drums and deep low end give it a punchy G-House feel while the vocal sample, “sound like a Lambo” gives it an extra dose of swagger. Thematic without feeling gimmicky, ‘Lambo’ is a pulse-raising gem that puts listeners in the driver’s seat.

Stream Coka Cobra & Walschlager’s ‘Lambo’ below.