The EDM Community Reacts to Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

EDM Community Mourns the Notre Dame

We couldn’t believe our eyes today when we saw that the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was engulfed in fire, seemingly unable to be saved. The church, that’s been a sacred place for over 800 years, was undergoing renovations that were expected to be completed in 2020. Now, we all wait and watch and pray that the Notre Dame, which has survived war, revolution, and generations humanity, will live to see another day.

People all over the world are in shock. French people are in total grief, devastated to see the ro such an important monument the capital collapsing in a matter seconds. The EDM Community didn’t take long to react, and some the french artists such as DJ Snake and Mercer are already leaving their condolences on the social media. See what they are saying below:


The Krewella sisters are also praying for this to be over as soon as possible:


No deaths have been reported yet and the causes the fire are still unknown. Some say it’s an accident, while others say this is purely intentional. Whatever the causes are, we are sending our full support to the French people.