Samsung's Galaxy Fold Sells Out But Faces Major Screen Failures

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Samsung's Galaxy Fold Sells Out But Faces Major Screen FailuresBelieve it or not, Samsung successfully sold out its pricey Galaxy Fold earlier today. The $2,000 smartphone featured a revolutionary foldable screen but came at a steep price. At the moment, we do not know exactly how many units were sold from the pre-order batch. Technically, Samsung could have only sold a couple hundred devices and still said they sold out.

Those who did pre-order and were not able to get a device, will have to patiently wait until they receive a notice from Samsung. Everyone else who did not pre-order might have to wait a considerable amount time to own a Fold but might change their mind after looking a recent reviews. Unfortunately, the futuristic display is turning to be a nightmare for many who are already using the device.

Dieter Bohn from The Verge, wrote how his Galaxy Fold broke after a piece debris got under the display, causing a bulge. In fact, nearly all the issues those are having, involve the display. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, is stuck with a distorted display after he accidentally removed a screen protector that Samsung now says not to remove. Many others also found their displays breaking after removing the mystery screen protector from the glass. Who knew a plastic screen protector was responsible for holding together a $2,000 piece technology.

For now, you might want to take some time and rethink whether buying Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is a smart move. Sure, this might just be an issue with the first batch units that might be resolved in the next couple months. As a first generation device, they were bound to run into issues once it was released. We would wait until the 2nd generation Fold is released and more these issues are resolved.