Omer Kringel Brings A Fresh And Lively Spirit On New Record OKAN PROJECT

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Music fans are always looking for new music to feed their playlist. They will be delighted to know that a new talent coming straight from Israel is about to conquer the world music scene. His name is Omer Kringel and his debut album is titled Okan Project. 

He recently unveiled this debut album, which took years of preparation and over a month of recordings in multiple countries and continents. The album reveals the talents of dozens of artists from South America, Europe, and Africa, creating magical and festive vibes while merging a myriad of influences. 

Omer Kringel manages to transport listeners to beautiful places using the medium of sound, pairing beautifully constructed melodies with equally astounding vocals. A real ode to positivity and unity, Okan Project delivers the fresh and lively spirit most listeners crave.