Milan Delivers On New Clip For “Ridin Rollercoaster”

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Two weeks ago, Milan made some noise when the emcee uploaded a classic single, packed with nothing but lyrical prowess over his debut track “Ridin Rollercoaster.”  It was a clear shot that reminded us of just how talented the LA rapper is. Turns out, the track doubled as a maneuver into his latest, video for his “Ridin Rollercoaster” track.

You might be thinking that the song sounds way too familiar. You’re not wrong. Milan’s original song was stolen by THC (his former producers) and then later released by Kendrick Lamar under the name of “M.A.A.D City.”

If you’re in search for proof of Milan’s lyricism, “Ridin Rollercoaster” is it. Over a backdrop composed of musically rich elements, Milan goes on an edgy assault with relaxed yet calculated delivery.