Kölsch Speicher 106 EP Hits Shelves Through Kompakt

Kölsch Speicher 106 EP Hits Shelves Through Kompakt

Okölsch – Speicher 106

Rune Rilley Okölsch retains discovering new methods to dazzle us. The grasp the darkish underground, Okölsch releases his two-track “B-side” Speicher 106 EP. The combo platter sees its launch by German-based Kompakt, a celebrated minimal techno outfit. The Danish dynamo takes a delve right into a bit a unique sound on Speicher 106, and it has followers excited.

Following the discharge the EP, Okölsch was pumped to share his tracks social media:

Diving into the music, we begin with the varied and completely different ‘Emoticon.’ Unconventional by Okölsch’s requirements, the otherworldly monitor takes the listener on an area journey. Sonic zips and soundscapes hit new plateaus. The clashing collectively eclectic tropical riffs with the bass takes slightly getting used to, however finally comes collectively to make one high quality monitor.

Little Death‘ is a little more what we’re accustomed to from Okölsch. A deep-diving, groovy beat merges with an acid home ambiance. While it takes some darkish dives, the general product is moderately upbeat. The use a choir chant taking management over the huge beat results in a delightfully epic launch. Expertly crafted and nuanced to the skilled ear, this monitor is a few  Okölsch’s finest work.

The EP provides one thing new together with one thing tried and true. In addition, we realized that the Great Dane will likely be coming . He will go to New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Seems becoming after he final yr together with his techno jams.

Give a take heed to beneath by Soundcloud.

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