Google Exposed the Upcoming Pixel 4 Early in One Tweet

In a bold and irreversible move, Google shared to the world, a photo the future Pixel 4. After countless leaks these past several months, we actually have a solid idea what the new smartphone will look like. We guess Google was just tired all the leaks or was simply too excited to wait till October to show f the phone.

While the single photo only shows the back side the device, there’s a lot packed in. First, there’s the obvious and criticized square dual camera bump. Many on Twitter were surprised to see the square setup, since Google usually stuck with a singular camera. Within the bump, there looks to be the flash and a smaller hole, which could be a microphone. Moving on, there’s a whiteish side power button and a simplistic grey Google logo on the bottom the device.

Wait ’til you see what it can do.”

Most importantly, the familiar fingerprint scanner on the device back is missing. With the circular scanner out sight, does the mean we’ll see a version facial recognition? What about a fingerprint scanner under the front display? Google has refrained from sharing specific specs the Pixel 4, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see how the device will preform.

By any means, it’s rare for a tech giant to share images future device, months before its reveal. Leaks regarding the upcoming iPhone 11, also show a square camera setup, so it’s possible Google wanted to show evidence that they weren’t copying anyone. Additionally, revealing the device early will shut down the spreading rumors, all while creating more hype for the October launch. Let us know what you think the Pixel 4 so far!

The Pixel 4