Exclusive Interview with Anjunadeep's 5-Star Recruit, CRi

After an entire week listening to CRi, the French-Canadian producer with an impressive, introspective discography housed at Anjunadeep and Tokimonsta‘s Young Art Records it was necessary to reach out for an ficial interview.

Take a musical journey to discover CRi creating in realms ambient to house as you read our exclusive interview.

Exclusive Interview with Anjunadeep's 5-Star Recruit, CRi

CRi Photo by Bruno Destombes

Where did it all begin? When did you start producing music? Where was your first set and how did that go? 

I started in the basement my mother house, I was a part-time pizza delivery man and finally decided to leave my hometown (Quebec) to move to Montreal and study Digital Music at the University Montreal.  At this moment everything started. I started producing in 2012 more seriously. The first time I performed I opened for Branchez at Belmont, I did not know what I was doing and there were 3 people on the dancefloor lol.

How is life in Montreal? What is the music scene like there? What style music do you find people are drawn to most? What are you favorite clubs and festivals in Montreal and in Canada? 

Montreal is a great city, especially summer! The music scene is very diverse but mostly separated by the language, on one side francophone and anglophone. Montreal is considered to have the second largest francophone population in the world after Paris. I think the style music that people prefer here is rap, like everywhere else in the world. I love Newspeak and Stereo, but frankly I do not go out in clubs. There are a lot festivals in Montreal and in Canada, it’s hard to say. To discover new artists and push the limits, I would say that Mutek is really a must, otherwise Osheaga for entertainment is great too.

We actually discovered your music through your Anjunadeep mix. How did you get connected with Anjunadeep for your Initial EP? What is the message or feeling you hope to convey through this EP? 

I think they discovered me on the internet, I sent them some demos and they liked them! This Ep is strictly instrumental and oriented on dance music. Usually, my pieces are less thought for the dancefloor, I wanted to exploit this part my art. I would say that the main emotion through this EP is melancholy and contemplation.

Exclusive Interview with Anjunadeep's 5-Star Recruit, CRi

CRi Initial EP

You also have a couple EPs out on Young Art Records. Can you tell us a little about the story Young Art Records? How would you describe the EP’s you released through them? 

Tokimonsta found me on soundcloud and she fered me to release my 2nd EP on her label, and that’s when it all started. Young Art is a family, I love them a lot,  they gave me my first opportunities outside Montreal and I will be eternally grateful to them. I still have a lot misery to describe my music! I would say quiet introspective, melancholy and even dreamy, sometimes dancing and at other times almost ambient. I invite you to go watch the music videos, it gives a more global idea the artistic direction these two projects.

We are a big fans your single Me and My Friends featuring Sia Bel. This is a beautiful track. How did that collaboration come into fruition? What was your song writing process like for this track? 

Thank you 🙂 Montreal is a big village! Everyone knows each other ! She came to the studio, we did not know each other, we took maybe 1 hour to talk a little and then after 1 hour 30 we finished the song, it was the first time I made a song so quickly!

How do you feel your sound makes you unique? 

I do not pretend that my music is unique, there are so many people who make music in the world! I think that what makes my project interesting is that it sails between several styles, as much pop, house, ambient and electro in general, but with the same introspective emotion, melancholy and contemplative energy.

Exclusive Interview with Anjunadeep's 5-Star Recruit, CRi

Portrait by John Londono

You just got added to the bill for Osheaga Music Festival. How did that opportunity come to be? Have you been to the festival before? If so, what are some things you like about it? 

I have a good manager! It’s him who found me that, it will be the 3rd time I play at the festival, I’m very lucky. I like this festival, because the vibe is very relaxed and festive, it’s a bit a holiday every time I go there.

Exclusive Interview with Anjunadeep's 5-Star Recruit, CRi

Osheaga Lineup

Exclusive Interview with Anjunadeep's 5-Star Recruit, CRi

photo credit CRi

What do you enjoy most about the electronic music community? Do you have any hilarious moments you can recall while attending an electronic music events? 

What surprises me each time is how fans are also “geeks” who want to know everything about the types synthesizers or just the workflow in general. Two years ago, when I was at Lightning in a Bottle, and a completely naked guy was dancing with a lot energy, it was really hilarious.

Do you have any other sets planned for the summer? What is next for CRi? 

I’m working on my album 🙂

Do you have any life hacks ? 

I have 3 dogs. 

Christophe proved to be a good human. Thanks for taking the time, it was a pleasure getting to know you. Look forward to more from CRi and keep up with him on his social media handles linked below.

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